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The exhibition includes artworks by Prof. Dr. Stefan Altakov from the Visual Arts Department of the Faculty of Educational Studies and the Arts of Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski".

The selected artworks called "Tries" by the author himself, correspond to the searches of Stefan Altakov in the recent years. Searches diverse in terms of materials, techniques and means of expression and at the same time consistent, united by the basic concept of, one might say, all his work so far. One of the clearest lines, marking a consciously chosen direction in his work, leads to the transformation of the word-image pair, to which is due both, the organic fusion in the artworks from the cycles “Drawings” and “Quotes”, and the contrast, the irritating challenge in “Words of My Grandparents”1, 2, 3 and “Sic Transit Gloria Mundi ”1, 2, 3. Another clear line marks the complexly developing relations past - present, subject - object, mind - intuition, transcendent - material in the artworks "What is the Benefit for the Man…", "Everything Beautiful is Rare", "After Jackson Pollock”, “After Confucius”, “After G. A.” and others. In most cases, the two lines intertwine, interact, add subtext, reveal states, create sensations that reflect on the painting itself – sometimes complicated, "heavy", dark, full of meaning, for example "After the Prophet by Khalil Gibran”; and another time radiating the clarity and purity of a primary symbol – the artworks of the cycle "Air, Water, Earth, Fire". Both the stylized, symbolic and the abstract images, in the context of the various artworks, mark the universal process of life transformations: from one way of perceiving the world to another; from the time parameters of one epoch to those of another; from the individual to the universal and vice versa; from one sign system to another. The contradictory matter for Stefan Altakov is the source material from which he organizes the balanced world of each of his artworks – harmoniously, with a clearly defined form and a specific message – intuitively guided by the idea that even the most complex phenomena are fundamentally related to the original, simple and comprehensible natural and universal laws, and the concepts of "traditional" and "new" lose their shape in order to be united.

Prof. Laura Dimitrova, DSc

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