Art initiatives

Quarantine experiments

Solo exhibition of Teodora Gigova, 4th year student of the bachelor's program "Graphic Design" at the Faculty of Educational Studies and Arts of Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski ”

The exhibition brings together three series of different artworks: "Me, the Consumer", "10 Days under Quarantine" and "Decorative Arts Studio”.

Me, the Consumer

Relying on provocation, Teodora Gigova created a series of 7 vector posters under the general title "Me, the Consumer". The works raise a number of questions concerning the consumer society and its habits. By playing with objects, the motive for slavery and the new addictions of the society, she depicts contemporary enslavement to the material and "presents" the new seven sins. Illustrating the real situation in the contemporary world and relying on humor and subtle irony, the artist aims to take the viewers out of their comfort zone and to encourage thinking.

The posters were created in the classes on the subject "Theory of the Artistic Image", under Prof. Laura Dimitrova and Senior Assist. Prof. Ventsislava Stoyanova.

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10 Days under Quarantine

The series of artworks is "inspired" by the author's Covid 19 illness and her quarantine. In 10 digital artworks, influenced by the "Cubism" style, 10 objects are presented. Each one of them marks the student’s passage through the stages of home treatment.

By experimenting with colors, shapes, brushes, effects and transparency, the artist paints her inner world, which is somehow different every day. Trying not to succumb to the virus, she experiences the world in a new way every day, feeling all sorts of emotions and contemplating a number of life issues.

The artworks from the series "10 Days under Quarantine" were created in the classes of the discipline "Color Theory and Painting" under Prof. Stefan Altakov.

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Decorative Arts Studio

A series of projects for leaflets for the decorative arts studio. The projects present the studio and the activities in it.

The projects were created in the classes of the discipline "Decorative Arts and Combination Techniques", under prof. Laura Dimitrova and Senior Assist. Prof. Krasimira Drenska.

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