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Lusus Naturae

The author of the series of landscapes "Lusus naturae" is Yulian Stankulov.

He holds a bachelor's and master's degree in painting from the National Academy of Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria. He defended his doctorate at the National Academy of Arts. He is Assistant Professor in painting at the National Academy of Arts.

The subject of the Lusus naturae (lat. games on nature) series of landscapes refers to the polysemantic meaning of the word nature. From one point of view nature is all made up of organic and inorganic material that surrounds us: living organisms, natural entities, physical appearances and phenomena. On the other hand, we use the word general in common with the principles by which the world is created, as a force that determines the innate and / or acquired behavior of living beings. In this sense, we are also talking about human nature, our morals and temperament, which we can summarize with the translation from Latin to the word natura - the birth of a character.

The choice of base for the painting is syncronized with the attempt for objectifying the imaginary but existing barrier created by the individuality of the human nature. The mimeticistic approach to the reproduction of reality contrasts with the spontaneous folds of the material, recreating the results of the deformities obtained by the subjective reality.

Yulian Stankulov

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