Art initiatives

The Intuitive. A Personal Territory

Each person translates abstract spiritual conditions of their experience into symbols of interpretation which make sense to them.

Michael Newton

The way people learn to see and understand the world around them is the key to their personal power. In this way, everyone develops their intuitive intelligence, and learns to speak the language of fantasy and human imagination. The intuitive impressions we collect during our lives lead us to our innermost essence and to a personal territory of our own. The exhibition “The Intuitive. A Personal Territory" presents several series of artworks, part of my recent experiments in the field of collage, executed with the help of digital means of expression. At the heart of all the artworks are the quick drawings, in which the hand intuitively transmits on the sheet of paper the images born in my imagination. These images have undergone many transformations, mixing techniques, materials, media, different formats and approaches, but I remain true to the expressiveness that characterizes my work over the past few years. At the heart of it all is the line, the drawing and the human figure, combined with the texture of the collage elements. In recent years I have been working hard using digital means of expression, and this is the main focus of this exhibition.

Ventsislava Stoyanova,
January 2021

Ventsislava Stoyanova is working in the field of drawing, collage, digital art and installation forms – both decorative and abstract. She is Senior Assistant Professor of Drawing and Composition and Theory of the Artistic Image at the Visual Arts Department of the Faculty of Educational Studies and the Arts of Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”.