Art initiatives


The exhibition includes artworks by Assoc. Prof. Anna Tzolovska from the Visual Arts Department of the Faculty of Educational Studies and the Arts of Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski".

Initially, these works were made as projects-structures for metal constructions. They were planned to be at a scale of 1:10 and to be made of metal rods and rails of equal length. Later, while making them from wooden sticks 30 cm long, I really liked their tenderness, their ability to shake from the flow of air, the fragility of the delicate balance with which the elements opposed each other. Thus, finally the result of these projects, in their current form, turned out to be not a sham composition but a self-sufficient object with its own construction, sustaining itself organically. The concept of the works is nothing more than the idea of balance and the ability of finding the center of gravity of the elements in one fulcrum and the interaction between many fulcrums, as well as the balance between the graphic lines of the material and the empty space.

Anna Tzolovska